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 RP In The Making (unfinished)

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I found JUU!
I found JUU!

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RP In The Making (unfinished) Empty
PostRP In The Making (unfinished)

While I work on the RP It will go here until finished.

Secret Society

The year is 2010 and D’Amore University is in its 662nd year of schooling. The school was established in 1394 by Narcisa D’Amore, around the time of the Bubonic plague for wealthy people to send their children to save them from the plaque. The university is set away from the world, the closest city being over 100 miles away. During the time of the plaque any type of mail would be sent through carrier pigeons to the gatekeeper who would read the message and send word to the main building. It helped keep people healthy and the plague away. The grounds are large taking over more then 3 square miles of land. That is almost 2000 acres!!! The school has its own stable in the north, taking up about 5 acres of the land. It is called Stable Row, and it houses cows, pigs, chickens, horses and other animals. The students are allowed to ride the horses and students that take Zoology in the University are mostly seen out here. The school grows its own food having 4 acres of land are called "The Green Acre" (No pun off the show Green Acres intended) Students in both herbology, and culinary are often see here either gathering things for dishes, or to learn more about the plants. Nothing but the freshest of food is used at the school. The University houses an Olympic sized swimming pool. Two actually. One in the marine house aka Marine Tech Building, that is often used to create water scenes to help students learn about life in the water, and for other assignments they are given. The second pool is in the main building of the school. The swimming team is excellent and some people say the students are mermaids, or have special swimming abilities. The school has a large dinning hall that holds a table so long it will hold all 200 students and 100 faculty members. A ballroom so grand that it’s almost like it was taken right from a fairy tale.

Like all schools both public and private, the university has its cliques. The preps, punks, nerds, loners, etc. But what is different is each of these groups has a name. They are considered and looked at as more of gangs or clubs, then cliques. But among these "cliques" is a society. A clan that is said to exist, but never exposed in its glory. This secret society is hidden in the walls of the university. Its students diverse, from each of the cliques. Not just one type, and even though these students during the day pretend to hate, when the sky turns dark, and the old flame lamps burn casting their eerie Victorian glow upon the old stone walls of Deanamaria University, they are friends, family. Together.

The secret society to the outside has no name. But to those inside of the society the name is as important as their own identity. Because what they do inside of this society is more important than any student, any person, in the world.

The society has been around for over 1000 years, but they relocated their headquarters when their master had the university built. Nobody would know that there are secret doors, leading to secret places in the castle, but there are.

This year to the students of the university is a normal year, with nothing exciting to happen, nothing unusual, and nothing that stands out, just the normal repetitive fun that college students have, but to the society this is one of the most important years of its existence. This is the year that 10 outsiders will be given the opportunity to join them. To go through the initiation, to be one of them.

But each of these new inductees has a choice. To be one of them, or to not be. But each choice comes at a price.

So what will it be? Will you be one of us?

The campus has its own housing development that house all the students and faculty.

Students That Live In Housing With Others (Up to 6 people 1 is resident assistant or RA)

RP In The Making (unfinished) 622130_z3jNxaNZBhHAT7Mb

Floors: 4 basement and attic included
Rooms in the house
6 bedrooms (1 RA)
3 bathrooms (2 on top floor 1 on first)
1 dining room
1 kitchen
1 living room
1 small office - wireless router, desktop
Finished basement
Attic - storage only

Housing Info:
Each house has 4 floors. Basement, Entry level floor, Bedroom floor, and attic.

The basements are fully furnished, complete with games. Pool table, ping-pong, dartboard, and an arcade game (random like pacman etc) Floors are covered in plush carpet, with a 42'' flat screen TV against a wall. Shelves for DVD's, movies and CD's are on either side of the sectional couch, which sits 6. A wooden coffee table sits in the middle.

Each bedroom comes with a full sized bed (pictured here)
RP In The Making (unfinished) Victoria-bed---metal-beds
The bedrooms come with a walk in closet, hangers included that houses a small thin set of drawers to house intimate apparel and jewelry. Each bedroom has a set of sliding glass door that leads to a private balcony, and two windows are on each side of the bed. A 32" flat screen is against the wall across from the bed, and the remotes are causally placed on a nightstand that’s on both sides of the bed, which have Victorian styled lamps on them.

Ceiling light and fan included.

The Living Room
RP In The Making (unfinished) Living
Each living room is spacious. They look as if they were stolen from a rich castle and placed in the middle of your home. Modern yet Victorian styled couches sit begging for you to become acquainted with the firm yet plush cushions. One large couch sits 3 and a chair much referred to as “lazy boys” sit on either side of a wooden coffee table that is elegantly painted. A large fireplace is fueled on wood, which is located outside of each house by the front door on the wrap around porch.

The crest of the school is painted on canvas an hangs above the fireplace. This is the crest
RP In The Making (unfinished) Coatarms1

RP In The Making (unfinished) VictorianBath_sml

Every bathroom that is placed in the home, has a toilet, sink, and a bath. The bathtub is claw foot and has a curtain that swings around in a half circle motion. Flushing will not affect tub water temperature. The tub also has a shower attachment. The floors are marble tiling, as well as the sink. There is a small closet that is just big enough to hold towels for the week. 2 for everyone. Any other linens are in the linen closet found on the second floor.

Dining Room
RP In The Making (unfinished) 23125719_a6ef4068be

Each dining room has a small table, with 4 chairs around. There is a leaf for the table which causes it to expand to make room for 6. There are 4 windows which slide up, inviting in lots of sunshine and air when open. A small lamp like chandelier hangs above the table.

Kitchen " border="0" alt="" />
Each kitchen as you can see if gorgeous. State of the arch kitchen appliances are included in each household. Double oven, gas burner stove (6 pilot stove stop) Large double door refrigerator, with freezer on bottom. There is an island which has bar stools that are on one side of the island (towards the wall away from where you cook) all counters are granite.

Office [i]

Each home comes with an office. The office has a desk, that houses a desktop computer and printer, as well as the wireless router for the house. A medium sized bookshelf holds about 200 books ranging on different subjects. Small fireplace and a small couch are included.

[i] School Information (Other) ]

You can take any course you want to.

You think it its there unless told otherwise.

Cafeteria is open from 5am-11pm

Library is 24/7

Smoking is allowed in the smoking gazebo. (Located in the west courtyard.)

To house a car in the parking lot a cost of 15$ every semester is needed.

Closest city: Asais (Ay-say-is)

Wanna Join?
Grade: (if teacher say teacher grade - )

If you want to be in the society please let me know. I don’t want the surprise for the non society members to be spoiled :3
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RP In The Making (unfinished) :: Comments

Blind Sniper
Re: RP In The Making (unfinished)
Post on Sun Apr 18, 2010 6:35 pm by Blind Sniper
Name: Dimitri O'Sullivan
Age: 20
Grade: junior
Courses: acrobatics
Description: Dimitri is lean but muscular, he stands around 5'7''.He has short red hair that leaves his face wide open. When he isn't performing Dimitri usually wears a torn brown hat that looks like it's been around for years. His green eyes seem to clash with his red hair, but you tend to focus on his ever present smile.
Dimitri has a fierce Irish accent that makes him sound like a mobster from the '30s. His most common attire is a long-sleeve black shirt and baggy brown pants, he was never really one for style.

Hello, Makingyourpulserace!

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Re: RP In The Making (unfinished)
Post on Sun Apr 18, 2010 6:39 pm by Lexi
laughing awuh this is my journal rp's dont go here laughing
Re: RP In The Making (unfinished)
Post on Sun Apr 18, 2010 6:41 pm by Lexi
omg wait! your from RPG!!!! laughing hai im makingyourpuiserace laughing oh wow i feel dumb
Re: RP In The Making (unfinished)
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RP In The Making (unfinished)

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