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 UD Your Life

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I found JUU!
I found JUU!

Posts : 156
Join date : 2010-02-02
Age : 27
Location : Pennsylvania, USA

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PostSubject: UD Your Life   UD Your Life Icon_minitimeFri Mar 12, 2010 2:39 pm

Type in things that are in your life at

I did, my town, school, technical school, ex (whos a friend) me boyfriend lol

Votech - (My techinal school): *came up as votard*
A student who attends a vocational school
look at that votard, matt is such a votard

Nick (My ex) -
the most amazing person alive with a huge penis laughing

Tatum - The name of my teacher at votech :emo:
a beautiful girl that is the most popular person ever whos cooler then everyone else and who all the guys like..

Ridley - where I live (thank god the last sentence they made does NOT apply to me. since im from somewhere else Razz)
The clickiest town is the Delaware Valley, where "who you know" and your political affiliation (Put democrat on your voting registration and basically commit career suicide!) gets you a good position within the town, as opposed to "what you know" and your actual expertise. The home to the most racist and stuck up people who have sex and raise even more racist and stuck up people. Once called "a little strip of heaven" by some fatty, Ridley takes pride is its mediocre, at best, sports teams and fake sense of community. Home to the most racist and bigoted police department in the entire nation, filled often with corrupt cops. Not without its poorer folk who are looked down upon and mocked, especially those from the area known as LEEDOM ESTATES. Not all our parents were friends in high school, and not all our parents are friends now. In conclusion, there is an underground world in Ridley of the proud pot smoking, beer drinking, hard working individuals who raise their children to expect more from the world than what the fairy tale lore of Ridley has to offer. This underground does NOT bleed green, they bleed red just like the rest of the world, because they don't consider themselves "too good" to bleed some other, superior color. Finally, to the douche bag's who posted the previous definition of Ridley, you are mistaken about the condition of Ridley, simply because you were shielded from the truth and are too damn spoiled and sheltered to understand reality.
I would never consider raising my children in the hell whole they call Ridley.

Ridley football was never that good. I think they may have gone to two championships in the last 50 years.

Oh, that girl's from Ridley? She must be a whore who would rather look pretty than use even a fraction of her brain.

Alexis - Me
Alexis's normally are beautiful and very graceful. They normally have great smiles and a nice butt. Also they have great ta-tas. Alexis's normally makes guys hot for teacher and drool constantly. They also have cute noses and can turn anyones day into an amazing time.
Boy: Hey, what's up with that ghetto booty?
Guy: Nah man that's just alexis.
Boy: I think I'm hot for teacher.

Danny - my boyfriend

An extremely well endowed man who secretly everyone fancies, they are just afraid he will turn them down as he is so handsome. He is also kind and has a great personality.
I'd love to go out with Danny, I'm just too scared to ask

I want Danny to be the father of my children!

do it to your life! see what funny things you come up with!
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Join date : 2010-03-11
Age : 29
Location : Boise, Idaho

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PostSubject: Re: UD Your Life   UD Your Life Icon_minitimeFri Mar 12, 2010 7:40 pm

Well, I looked up Butler (the name of my town) and it didn't show up anything that had anything to do with my town.

Dalton (my name)

1. You know he's bad news, but that never stops you from longing for his husky voice and his tastefully seductive body. The lust buried deep inside you always somehow manages to come to life like a phoenix being reborn from its ashes. This is what He does to you. But there is another side. Hidden beneath his scarred heart lay memories of terror. Something happened to him. He was never the same. He has a split personality, in a way, half human, half monster. The only thing left in the world that makes him happy lingers before his very eyes and is taken away forever in a single second. He now lives a tortured existence, longing for what he knows he will never have.
2. A type of person who see's the world through darkened eye's. The one person who has to say the worst possible outcome. He's been through a lot and, for all he cares, would let the world burn for what it has done to him. The only thing that stops him from doing all of the horrible things that go into his mind is the thought of the one person that he truely cared for and what she would say.
3. a sweet boy who will love every girlfriend he ever has, a awesome friend and lover, a verry hot boy, totatly awesome

Choctaw (the name of my county)

one of the 4 tribes at camp Kanakuk located in missouri and colorado. the colors of the kickapoo tribe are blue and yellow. our brother tribe is the Choctaw and our competing, or, sister tribe is the Kiowa.

and uh.....well, I couldn't really think of anything else to look up.
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UD Your Life
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