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 Bed. Sweedish fish. and romance (warning long and gushy about love dont read if you dont wanna hear it)

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I found JUU!
I found JUU!

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PostBed. Sweedish fish. and romance (warning long and gushy about love dont read if you dont wanna hear it)

thats what im doing right now laughing

and i should be cleaning up my room a little more, but im having a romantic little moment with my boyfriend.

we are talking about how we met and started dating. So I guess I will share one of the BEST memories of my life.

May 20 last year, my high school was having an art exhibit. I wanted to go, but I didnt want to go alone, and had a friend of mine meet me at the EB Games/ Game Stop. Turned out he was at the one that was about a half hour drive away, so I went inside anyways and that is when I saw Danny.

I immediately was attracted to him, and noticed that he was with a boy who has the reputation of being a total man whore, his name is Rob and he is Danny's cousin. To this day I seriously don't understand how this kid gets chicks. It phases me.

Anyways, I struck up a conversation with Rob first.

me: dont you go to Ridley and date Nicole?
rob: huh? yeah why?
me: well you do know you have this TERRIBLE reputation of being a cheating man whore right?
rob: mmmm yeah?
me: *frowns and looks to Danny* hi.

He was smiling obviously getting amused out of this little situation. So then we ended up talking and Rob decided to play one of the game systems, ps3 i think it was...

yeah ps3.

So Dan and I ended up talking and I was REALLY into this boy. Dark hair, long eyelashes, bright blue eyes. In my eyes he was the one I wanted.

So I ended up hitting on him and making the first move.

danny: do you want to go to the art show with us
me: i dont know if i can you
danny: dont worry i wont let him do anything to you
me: oh not its notthat ijust dont know if i can trust myself around someone as cute as you

BAM!!! It worked. He was already hooked. So I went with them and we walked side by side and I would just accidently brush my hand against his and pretend like nothing happened Wink

Then we got to the show. Which was plenty boring so Danny and I sat outside while we waited for Rob to try to get a girl to come home with him or something, so Danny and I were talking. He was leaning against the stair railing and I was sitting on the concrete wall and we were just having a really flirty conversation. And all I wanted was to kiss hiim so bad.

me: you know, your so cute I could kiss you right now?
him: nah
me: yes
him: you wouldnt
me: yes I would
him: prove it

and so I did. And we had our first kiss <3

After that we were hooked. We all ended up going around town hanging out and just holding hands the entire time. No pretend hand bumping.

I remember that night ending in a kiss. I had given him my number but hadnt got his and I remember panicing that I wasnt going to hear from him ever ever everrrrrr.

And then he texted me and I was so excited.

The next day at school I was talking to my friend Hannah about him, turns out, they are good friends, so she called him! MORTIFYING ahhhh!

He ended up showing up at the high school and he asked me out. I love you

And since then we have been dating, never broke up, and barely fight.

The hardest thing to have happen to me, was that he was July for bootcamp into the Airforce.

After 2 months of being with him, I was head over heels in love with him, and the pain....knowing he was leaving me....I still cry when I remember it to this day. *which is right now im blubbering ><*

But this is the first picture we took together. (hes squinting lol)

We are still going strong, and still very much in love. And to this day we both question the other why the other chose, but the real answer is, we just both knew we were the one.

I love you

July 7th he left for boot camp, the entire time he was gone, I cried every day, I still cry when I read all the letters he sent me.

But on October 20 he was sent home due to serious injury.

And now, he is home, back in civilian life, with no want to go back into the military. He has a job now, and we are happier then ever.

I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have found him on that day. And if it wasnt for a friend I never would have.

I love youI love youI love youI love youI love you

On the other hand right now I am eating Sweedish Fish, because my step dad has been a total douche bag to my mother, I was terrified that he wasnt going to get her anything for Valentines Day, so I picked her up a 3.5 bag of Sweedish Fish I love you

He did, which was good.

Valentines Day was full of love and is making me all gushy hehe

Finny if you read this I love you very much, more then words can say, and I am so lucky I found you, and I am so lucky you have stayed with me, through thick and thin, when things were terrible over the summer, and everything.

I love you with all my heart.


I love you
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Bed. Sweedish fish. and romance (warning long and gushy about love dont read if you dont wanna hear it) :: Comments

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Bed. Sweedish fish. and romance (warning long and gushy about love dont read if you dont wanna hear it)

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