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 Dr Who All 4 Seasons of DT as Dr. Who

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I found JUU!
I found JUU!

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PostSubject: Dr Who All 4 Seasons of DT as Dr. Who   Fri Feb 05, 2010 5:24 pm

Quote :
Originally posted by zorba17
all the seasons of Doctor Who HDTV-Rip from MegaUpload
including the specials.

Review From
The Ninth Doctor came and conquered and died saving the universe and his companions from the cursed Daleks. Regenerating for the ninth time, the Tenth Doctor is here to show you more of the secrets and dark sides of this universe. Past, Present, Future and beyond!

Saturday 19th March 2005, saw a Who night of The Story of Dr Who, Some Things You Need To Know About Dr Who, and Dr Who Mastermind. The first episode 'Rose' aired Saturday 26th and featured the return of the Autons and new companion Rose joining the time traveller. And the journey continues...

This new Who show features new ideas like the new TARDIS interior and a new Doctor Who with a modern dress-sense, however old concepts have returned, like the old Delia Derbyshire theme tune updated and the Autons, Daleks and an old foe returning and previous companions like Sarah Jane Smith and K-9.

season 1: + Rapidshare Links Premium only

Episode 1 - Rose GW522064 Doctor_Who_-_s01e01_-_Rose_-_IDown.Me.avi

Episode 2 - The End of The World 6PSKC0ZU Doctor_Who_-_s01e02_-_The_End_of_The_World_-_IDown.Me.avi

Episode 3 - The Unquiet Dead 2Z4VYYE8 Doctor_Who_-_s01e03_-_The_Unquiet_Dead_-_IDown.Me.avi

Episode 4 - Aliens of London LKLSO4N2 Doctor_Who_-_s01e04_-_Aliens_of_London_-_IDown.Me.avi

Episode 5 - World War Three XYU18QQB Doctor_Who_-_s01e05_-_World_War_Three_-_IDown.Me.avi

Episode 6 - Dalek IGFLW6KC Doctor_Who_-_s01e06_-_Dalek_-_IDown.Me.avi

Episode 7 - The Long Game 36S065HW Doctor_Who_-_s01e07_-_The_Long_Game_-_IDown.Me.avi

Episode 8 - Father's Day 6HB92KOL Doctor_Who_-_s01e08_-_Father_s_Day_-_IDown.Me.avi

Episode 9 - The Empty Child 4YK1ZMXC Doctor_Who_-_s01e09_-_The_Empty_Child_-_IDown.Me.avi

Episode 10 - The Doctor Dances L99ZX87G Doctor_Who_-_s01e10_-_The_Doctor_Dances_-_IDown.Me.avi

Episode 11 - Boom Town UN38S5OT Doctor_Who_-_s01e11_-_Boom_Town_-_IDown.Me.avi

Episode 12 - Bad Wolf 5RNYBL3X Doctor_Who_-_s01e12_-_Bad_Wolf_-_IDown.Me.avi

Episode 13 - Parting of The Ways BN8NIXIB Doctor.Who_-_s01e13_-_Parting_of_The_Ways_-_IDown.Me.avi

Season 2:

Christmas Special - Christmas Invasion: 0J3ZV35M

Episode 1 - New Earth QT1JWZZT

Episode 2 - Tooth And Claw AL2RDIIM

Episode 3 - School Reunion UIS9ZJ8B

Episode 4 - The Girl in The Fireplace XGWM6XTE

Episode 5 - Rise of The Cyberman IVV6TC7W

Episode 6 - The Age of Steel DJGVS9D0

Episode 7 - The Idiot's Lantern YNYRN4W8

Episode 8 - The Impossible Planet TZP02Y42

Episode 9 - The Satan Pit BJX5BL0P

Episode 10 - Love And Monsters FW7092AN

Episode 11 - Fear Her P215UOBY

Episode 12 - Army of Ghosts JPD9962C

Episode 13 - Doomsday 65C8V69X

season 3:

Christmas Special - The Runaway Bride: 8UQEQ8EB

Episode 1 - Smith And Jones JWTSRXI0

Episode 2 - The Shakespeare Code GX03X4HH

Episode 3 - Gridlock 4KJKBDHL

Episode 4 - Daleks in Manhattan 4XYBZ36E

Episode 5 - Evolution of The Daleks KAHC8FXQ

Episode 6 - The Lazarus Experiment 9R5L5JBN

Episode 7 - 42 SLTBXN5U

Episode 8 - Human Nature RBJBDZ0H

Episode 9 - The Family of Blood IWQEKL2D

Episode 10 - Blink HBCI5K30

Episode 11 - Utopia OQMS1OCL

Episode 12 - The Sound of Drums M7ONVA8G

Episode 13 - The Last of The Time Lords INA47GR8

Season 4:

Christmas Special - Voyage of The Damned ZOI8PIXJ

Episode 1 - Partners in Crime WB7CN8I0

Episode 2 - The Fires of Pompeii ED1LEEK1

Episode 3 - Planet of The Ood DFH0S9EQ

Episode 4 - The Sontaran Stratagem 6X51MHLZ

Episode 5 - The Poison Sky BS8EBPCP

Episode 6 - The Doctor's Daughter 7AX6550M

Episode 7 - The Unicorn And The Wasp 1L5VQX3E

Episode 8 - Silence in The Library T9LUT3PW

Episode 9 - Forest of The Dead ODEXA5LV

Episode 10 - Midnight EDTK6SRA

Episode 11 - Turn Left WRQUYMIV

Episode 12 - The Stolen Earth 2CVLLZSD

Episode 13 - Journey's End 2DEZ1LFH

Christmas Special - The Next Doctor H0TC9E31
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Dr Who All 4 Seasons of DT as Dr. Who
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